What is “Len”?

 “Len” is composed of several buildings. Some of them are registered as “tangible cultural property” under the name of “Komori-ke Jutaku” by Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan.

 “Omoya”, the main building was built around the mid-1920s. Unique histories of the origin of this building have transmitted by word of mouth for generations. Some said that it had been a part of villa of one of imperial families, which was moved from Maiko and reconstructed here, while others said that it had been a villa owned by a wealthy Buddhist abbot. However, it remains a mystery as an important record is still missing.

 “Kura”, the warehouse was built around 1810 in the age of Samurai. At that time, the owner was a wax producer and stored its products or materials in “Kura”.


 At the end of the World War II, when a massive bombardment devastated the most parts of Osaka, a medical doctor evacuated from Shinsai-bashi and opened his clinic here. 

“Kura” was once used as its inpatients’ ward. The fireplace is its remembrance.

 Now, shops and restaurants welcome visitors from all over the world. Even “Time flies”, its good old time atmosphere remains the same in “Len”.